Player Health & Safety Notice

  1. Playing golf on uneven terrain and changeable ground conditions carries inevitable risks.
  2. Members and visitors play this golf course having been made aware that a full Risk Assessment has been conducted and is available in this area of the Club Website.  In addition hard copies are available in the General Office, Pro-Shop and both the Ladies’ & Men’s changing rooms and that you have taken the time to familiarise yourself with its content.
  3. A précised version of the Course Risk Assessment is also available in the same locations (see Appendices D).
  4. Additionally for your safety and for the protection of the course, please ensure that the Use of Motorised Buggies is in compliance with CGC’s Policies (see Appendices E & F) and that they are used sensibly and not taken onto greens or between bunkers and the greens.
  5. Whilst CGC want everyone to enjoy their round of golf, The Club accepts no liability for any accident or damage caused by not following our Safety Notices & Guidelines whilst playing the course.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

CGC Golf Team